All our products carry VAT included.


You will receive the orders wherever you tell us, (not being a post office box), but if you were to pick it up, we can leave it to you at the transport offices so that you can pick it up when you can with greater availability, comment it in the observations section or send us an email. We ship to the European Union, except Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla. If you are very interested in having a baobalaya product and want to send it to you, contact us at and we will talk.


Lo prepararemos lo antes posible con todo nuestro cariño, contando que el transporte tardara 2-3 días laborables a la Península. Si es fuera de la Península pero en España tardara un poco más, pero no será mucho. Si es fuera de España, dependiendo de donde sea puede variar el tiempo de entrega, pero será lo mas rápido que podamos.

Shipping costs?

Orders over € 99 shipping costs will be free within the Peninsula (Spain and Portugal), but will be € 5.99 to the Peninsula (Spain and Portugal). Other European Union countries will be € 20.

Always communicated

We inform you of the shipping process, but if you have doubts or eager to receive your Baobalaya, contact us without any problem at

Returns & Exchanges

There is no problem when changing or returning a Baobalaya product, you have 15 business days for any exchange or return.

Change it?

Without any problem, we can use our transport agency to change the product, assuming your shipping / collection costs. Or we send the product in a certified way or by transport agency and when we receive it we send you the new one assuming the corresponding shipping costs.

  1. Escríbenos un email a con:
      • Tu nombre y numero de pedido.
      • Referencia del producto por el cual te gustaría cambiarlo.
      • Dirección de recogida del paquete.
      • Día y horario para la recogida.
      • Teléfono de contacto
  2. Pack your Baobalaya with love and security.
  3. Wait for our e-mail with the confirmation of shipment of your new product.

Return it?

If you want to return it for the money you will have to send the product yourself either by agency or by registered mail, always in a safe way and once we receive it we will refund your money.

  1. Escríbenos un email a con:
    • Tu nombre y numero de pedido.
    • Razón de la devolución. Nos gusta saber la razón para poder mejorar.
  2. Pack your Baobalaya properly, with original label and packaging.
  3. Send it certified or by agency to the address we send you.
  4. As soon as we receive it, we will notify you and we will make the payment of the money in the same payment method in which you placed the order.

Thank you very much for trusting Baobalaya.